Assorted Fruit Sours Never Disappoint Fans of Candy

Assorted Fruit Sours Never Disappoint Fans of Candy

Just about everyone enjoys a piece of candy from time to time, and there are certain types that are even more likely to be welcome than others. Fruity, ball-shaped candy that is both sweet and sour, for instance, regularly ranks as one of the most popular choices of all. Giving a gift of Assorted Fruit Sours or simply having some on hand for guests and friends is one sure way of brightening up the days of others.

A Bright, Delicious Type of Candy That Always Hits the Spot

Some kinds of candy are most appropriate for particular occasions and settings. Expensive, carefully crafted chocolates will normally not be the best choice for a sunny, hot, summer afternoon, for example.

Other types of candy are a lot more versatile and can just as well be enjoyed at any time. Fruit sours are hardy enough to stand up to warm weather while being enjoyable on pretty much any occasion. Some of the flavors that most often rank highly with recipients include:

  • Cherry. When fruit sours are sold in packages containing individual flavors, cherry more or less always tops the charts. The sourness of a cherry-flavored candy that is also sweetened just the right amount is hard to resist. The fact that deep red cherry sours also resemble the fruit they are inspired by rarely hurts, either.
  • Lemon. Among the various sour flavors that most people will enjoy on a regular basis, that provided by lemon is probably the most common of all. Lemons are used to brighten up everything from sweet iced tea to savory dishes, and they can do the same for candy, too. Lemon-flavored fruit sours put a familiar flavor in an especially welcome context that almost always makes for plenty of enjoyment.
  • Apple. There are some types of apples that taste mostly sweet, but devoted fans of the fruit tend to seek out more complexity. Whether with famously sour varietals like the Granny Smith or well rounded ones like the Pink Lady, sourness contributes another dimension of flavor that most will appreciate and can do the same for apple-flavored candy.

Many More Flavors to Explore and Enjoy

With there being many more flavors of sour candy available, there should never be a reason to feel constrained. Packages of fruit sours that include a number of different kinds are sure to have something for everyone.

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